Fernando Palacios

“The perpetual gesture”

It is of interest above all because of the challenges posed by the artist in the subjective and free use of plastic elements in a landscape painting that results from a peculiar and accommodating eclecticism. schism, both in trends, as in matter and compositional structure. A painter who uses Impressionism resources in collaboration with gestures of abstraction and incorporation of matter in, sometimes abundant, “masonry reliefs”, as they were defined, typical of the European Informalists in their “matter pain- ting”. Lumpy matter is difficult and dangerous to handle, like an explosive, in painting, especially if it is in a landscape suggestive of poetic and lyrical evocations of nature, no matter how unknown. Another thing is the desert, volcanic, primitive landscapes, undoubtedly more in need of material telluric densities. In short, I am interested in the painting of Fernando Palacios, what he tries, what he achieves and what he can achieve.

Ruben Suarez

Art critic


“The perpetual gesture”


Calle San Antonio, 5
33201 – Gijón, Asturias



+34 985 34 67 08


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