Daniel Sueiras


Illustrious is a series based mainly on the concept of the portrait. The name itself makes direct reference to Illustrious, since it is in illustrious personages that portraiture has mainly specialized throughout history. Thus, this series proposes a reflection on the concept of the illustrious or relevant, on what one expects to find in a portrait, on the way in which we represent what we consider important and on what makes something important. Is a French count who lived in the 16th century or the Cookie Monster who may have been part of our lives in a much more direct way?

Illustrious could be considered an ironic reflection on our standards and concepts, our preconceptions about the human being as a species and as an individual. In turn, it is also a reinterpretation of these concepts, emphasizing aspects that are not commonly represented or do not rise to the relevant position to which others rise.




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