Daniel Sueiras

“Natural Selection”

I started working on the series “Natural Selection” in 2008 as a tribute to the discoveries of Charles Darwin, as well as, as an irony about the inevitable conclusions that are derived from them. I have always wondered how it is possible that, if all species are modified thanks to their adaptation to the environment over time, the human being claims that it is the environment that adapts to his needs. The early works of this series represented precisely this, modified nature. Trees whose branches end in pencils, oranges that can be opened with screw caps or sheep whose wool is already stamped in different colors. Later, I began to introduce portraiture into the works in this series, especially about non-human animals, often primates. Practically all the works in this series of portraits are framed in a baroque and ornate style, with the purpose of producing an effect similar to that which we might perceive when visiting a gallery of illustrious figures of our own species. The ultimate purpose of these works is to reconsider our standards and conceptions about the human being, through using and representing images that we have culturally and socially established, in different contexts. Also, and no less important, I consider the fact of allowing us to laugh and ironize about ourselves and our standards, as a species that, after all, we have created ourselves and, without a doubt, remind ourselves that we too are an animal species. In my opinion, if it is curious that our species has taken so long to discover that we ourselves are one more animal species of all the countless that have populated the planet, it is even more curious that apparently we have forgotten so soon, judging by the way we treat the rest of our large family and our own home.


“Natural Selection”


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