Alejandro Quincoces

Landscapes, cities and winter seascapes.

“I work by conveying to the viewer a sense of things that he himself has, but of which he is not aware. I do something like this as a data collection work. I try to be a neutral element that acts to put the viewer in contact with the landscape, placing in front of his eyes that which is there, but which he may not particularly notice. I bring my look, but not as something closed, but as a proposal so that everyone can transform it into their own look, their particular reflection and emotion. I am fundamentally interested in the atmosphere, which I intend to be timeless, transferable to a scenario of centuries ago, because it is that atmosphere that gives credibility to that reality.”

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Alejandro Quincoces

*Portait by Amiee Birnbaum


“Landscapes, cities and winter seascapes”


Calle San Antonio, 5
33201 – Gijón, Asturias


+34 985 34 67 08


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